The Ecological Society was started in 1982 bye the visionary ecologist Parkash Gole. Over the last 33 yeares, the Society has gained a reputation of being a pioneering NGO to work apporache conservation and management of natural resources in a holistic manner.

Raison D´etre

Human activities affect ecology. Historically human civilizations have destroyed forests, ravaged mountain slopes, polluted water and air, and have perished as a consequence. Even today our development plans directed to enhance the economic well-being of our people, affect and drastically modify ecology, mostly in adverse manner and as a consequence imperil our own lives.

Our Mission

Society’s mission is to promote environmental awareness and nature conservation; to design & conduct training programmes to create awareness & capability to undertake restoration & nature conservation projects; undertake studies for the conservation, management & restoration of our natural resources & to plan & implement field projects in both rural & urban areas setting up model units where economic planning & ecological conservation complement each other & form a viable development model to be emulated in future.