Ongoing Research

Global Forest Watch – Small Grants Program

Restoration potential area determination for select dam catchments in Western Ghats

The objective of this research is to evaluate the restoration potential of select dam catchments in Western Ghats, based on the vegetation classes developed in earlier GFW project

Process : For 3 dam catchments in the northern portion of Western Ghats in Maharashtra

  1. Obtain satellite image, preferably at a low cost
  2. Using a GIS consultant and vegetation class signatures from the last project, prepare a mapping of the dam catchment by vegetation class. Go with a few broad vegetation classes than a longer list. Find area of each.
  3. To the extent the budget permits, field trips of the dam catchments to do sample ground truthing of vegetation classes.
  4. Use the previously created template during the field visits to test its usefulness
  5. Integrate results across the dams. Using the methodology from the recent project, estimate restoration potential and provide gudielines.

Expected completion December 2015.