Welfare Of The Tallest Flying Bird In The World


Sarus Crane is a bird of wetlands. It is the tallest flying bird in the world. The cranes are generally seen in pairs and in flocks.


  1. To ascertain the exact limits of the distribution of Sarus crane.
  2. To find out the habitat requirement of the Sarus Crane.
  3. To estimate the total number of Sarus Cranes in India.
  4. To find out people’s attitude towards the Sarus Crane.
  5. To record information about migratory cranes wintering in India.


Linear transects were taken on field and a questionnaire was prepared to carry out the survey.

From the total number of Sarus seen along transects the estimate of the number Sarus for a particular area was derived.



The welfare of the Sarus Crane is dependent mainly on the status of wetlands and protection given by people. Today our wetlands are subject to pollution, utilization for industrial or agricultural purposes and other threats. The Sarus is not found away from human settlements. If the local people regulate their use of wetlands and give protection and shelter to the birds, the wetlands could be utilized by both people and birds.