Survey Of Konkan Coast


The 500 km long coastline between Mumbai and Goa on west coast is known as the Konkan region. The landscape of the Konkan region has been subject to changes due to anthropogenic activities like industrialization, urbanization, tourism and construction of roads and railways. Overexploitation (activities like fishing), inflow of industrial effluents, toxic materials, hot water flows are detrimental to marine life. Besides, these developmental activities are not beneficial to the local inhabitants. Coasts are an important link between terrestrial and marine ecosystems and hence need to be conserved. The conservation strategy should work towards the reconciliation of interests of biodiversity and local people.


  1. To assess the current status of coastal habitat and biodiversity on the coastline between Mumbai and Goa
  2. To determine biodiversity hotspots on this coastline
  3. To investigate the degree of dependence of the local communities on the biodiversity for their living
  4. To prepare a plan for conservation of biodiversity and its sustainable utilization for the benefit of the local population and traditional communities.






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