Eco-Development Of River Fronts Of Pune

Eco-Development Of River Fronts Of Pune


Pune is situated at the confluence of the rivers Mula and Mutha. Due to the impact of the expanding city and the ever-increasing population, the natural vegetation and habitats of the river basin are in a degraded condition. The water quality has deteriorated due to the inflow of sewage and industrial effluents in the river channel. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) in the waters is very high. This has severely affected the fish and other aquatic life forms.


To prepare a plan for river basin management that focused on –

  • Improvement of water quality
  • Rejuvenation of riverine habitats
  • Providing space and streamlining the various uses of the river to the people

Proposed Plan:

Initially, a survey of the river was conducted between the city limits that included study of physical features, biodiversity, existing habitats, encroachments on river basin and sources of pollution. Based on this survey, the management plan was prepared which had the following salient features –

  • A mini water treatment plant to be constructed along the banks for every population of 20,000.
  • Allocate space for regeneration of bank and other riparian vegetation, parks, gardens, playgrounds
  • Allocate space for an aquatic bird sanctuary
  • Allocate space for different uses like bathing, washing, cleaning of vehicles, religious rites etc.

The river fronts were so designed so as to restore the degraded natural elements, provide public facilities and encourage healthy recreation.

For the detailed report you can contact at Ecological Society.