Scope & Opportunities

Employment Prospects:

With successful completion of this course, one can start one’s own consultancy in natural resource management. Government and corporate sector are showing keen interest in Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development so also non-governmental organizations (NGOs) need resource persons to carry out various projects. So there are a lot of job opportunities in this sector. Now government has made environmental science a compulsory subject from primary to college level & that too for all disciplines so thousands of Green Teachers will be required all over Maharashtra to teach this subject at school & college level. This Course fulfils this need. The students who pass this course will fulfil the provisions of Biodiversity Act recently passed by the Parliament.

Career Progression

  • Government sector in India: HRD Ministry, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Informal Sector / Self employment: NGOs, Member of an Environmental Impact Assessment Team, Consultancy for eco-friendly solutions, Ecological Services to private land developers.
  • International & National Forum: Various surveys at state & national level are carried out to assess environmental damage, there one needs an ecologist where our students can be useful. 

Besides all traditional fields, one has to think differently because we are living in a tropical climate, so one can think of different norms, ways and means of development. This course provides insight to challenges before India, particularly rural India and it provides alternatives to present world of economic development, keeping nature healthy for our future generations.

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