The Ecological Society welcomes volunteers and interns to work in various roles. We have several ongoing projects which require help. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Library work: The Society has a collection of books, journals and reports. This is being catalogued and formalized into a library. We aim to provide home lending to our alumni and our current students.
  2. Compilation of teaching resources: Each class session taken by our faculty is being documented. This includes audio records, pre-reading material, class coverage and discussions. The program has about 70 sessions, each of which is being compiled into a folder.
  3. Journal mailing list: The 26 year old Journal of Ecological Society is the jewel in our crown. A mailing list is being compiled. This will include scientists, researchers, authors, institutions, academia, government and non-government institutions and others.

If you have a specific skill set or interest area please contact us to find out how you might be able to be part of the organization.

Internship opportunities

From time to time we do require interns in our funded research programs. These opportunities are announced on our Facebook page as well as in this section.

Past Interns

  1. Sheetal Shelke : MKCL project (2013)
  2. Vishakha Bhedasgaonkar : MKCL project (2013)
  3. Amruta Joshi : MKCL project (2013)
  4. Trupti Satpute : GFW project (2014-15)
  5. Pratik Purohit : GFW project (2014-15)