1. Aims and Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Ecological Society is publication intended for scholarly readership and for non-scientific audience. Towards this objective, the Journal has a double blind peer reviewed research section and a non-research section which is reviewed by the editorial board. The Journal is an open access available in digital formats and limited print edition. The Journal aims to make available to the society at large research, analysis and perspectives in the field of conservation and management of natural resources to attain socio-economic sustainability. Drawing on its rich history, the journal will continue to publish research papers and essays which showcase a variety of perspectives in the management and restoration of natural resources and ecosystems. The journal encourages contributions employing an interdisciplinary approach combined with strong scientific analysis. Scientific rigour is expected in the research papers, while the non-research section encourages essays, field reports and short pieces which capture varying perspectives.
The subjects of interest are (but not limited to) ecosystems, nature services, natural resources, land use, environmental economics, arguments for change, recommendations in policies, implications of urbanization and issues arising from man-nature interactions.

The journal is printed once a year for which a call for papers is issued. Submissions can be sent throughout the year.